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Quarantine AT HOME Workouts P1

Quarantine AT HOME Workouts P1

As the coronavirus spreads and makes it way around the globe gyms and other fitness centers have begun to close.  For many of us our usual gym routines are completely out of whack, as we try and find at home gym alternatives.

To help you all continue your fitness journeys I have complied a list of some of my favorite at home NO EQUIPMENT NEEDED workouts. 

  1. Blogilates: Invite some of your friends and family to join you in these Blogilates Challenges! I have been doing these challenges every morning and I have been loving it.  I am currently on Day 13!
Blogilates 100 Ab Challenge
More Info?:
Blogilates 100 Squat Challenge
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  1. MadFit: Arm Day? Leg Day? Cardio? Maddie Lymburner has it all. She is my go-to when it comes to finding a quick full body workout.  Check out her “NO EQUIPMENT WORKOUTS” playlist.  I also begun to incorporate her “Beginner Flexibility Routine” in the mornings.  I feel this routine has really helped with my muscle recovery.
MADFIT: Beginner Flexibility Routine
  1. Chloe Ting: Want to get shredded in 2 Weeks? Well try Chloe Ting’s “2 Weeks Shred Challenge.”  Tone up your arms, tighten up your abs, and get a perkier booty in just 14 days.  Now I can’t promise you will look like Chloe Ting once 2 weeks is up, but I can promise if you stick with the program you will see some pretty great results.
2 Weeks Shred Challenge:
  1. Dance Fitness with Jessica: Am I the only one who cannot stand those cardio machines at the gym? Even with the TVs posted in front of the machines I just find them to be super boring.  That is why I prefer to take classes at the gym (e.g., Zumba) and get my cardio in having fun dancing with my girls and guys!  While searching for a fun cardio workout I came across “Dance Fitness with Jessica” and I am OBSESSED.  She has so many fun and easy to follow dance routines it sometimes hard to decide which ones to do!  Put on your dancing shoes and be prepared to torch some calories.  I included some of my favorite workouts from Jessica below!
  1. POPSUGAR Fitness: The POPSUGAR Fitness YouTube channel can be difficult to navigate at first.  There are just so many videos it’s hard to know which workout to try.  Spend a little time looking through their videos and choose a few that speak to you until you have a solid group of 5 or so go to workouts you love.  I included my Top 3 exercise routines below…OR if you like variety like me just try a new POPSUGAR Fitness video every day!

What are your favorite at home exercises or fitness videos? Tell me in the comments below! And don’t forget to subscribe to my newsletter!

Today’s Affirmation: I am dedicated to reaching my fitness goals.

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