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Last year, 2019, I received a very interesting book from a very special friend in the mail (I will tell you more about this friend later).  That book was “A Course in Weight Loss: 21 Spiritual Lessons for Surrendering Your Weight Forever” by Marianne Williamson.  Reading those words, “Surrendering Your Weight FOREVER” spiked my interest.  Of course, I want to surrender my weight FOREVER, who doesn’t, sign me up NOW?  So late one day before bed I cracked open my new book sure that this was going to be it…my weight would surely roll off and vanish FOREVER (as promised)!

“A Course in Weight Loss” Book Cover

A Course in Weight Loss is a spiritual curriculum consisting of 21 lessons.  The emphasis is not necessarily on changing your diet or exercise habits but on changing your thinking.  As Marianne Williamson writes “The ultimate solution to any problem lies within your thinking, because what happens in your mind determines your experience of life.”  Now Marianne does not seem to be implying that you can simply think the weight off, there are 21 lessons after all.  But while most diet and exercise routines focus on changing behavior and/or conscious thoughts MOST fail to recognize the powerful influence that subconscious thoughts have on our experiences and ultimately our bodies.  Enter… “A Course in Weight Loss: 21 Spiritual Lessons for Surrendering Your Weight Forever” to the rescue.  This book is for the masses (myself included) who have consciously made extraordinary efforts to lose weight (exercising often and eating healthy), only to find themselves back tracking and putting the weight back on.  Just look at the circumstances of many of the contestants of the Biggest Loser; they were able to accomplish amazing weight loss only to gain back some if not all of the weight when the show concluded.  What if the missing key to sustained weight loss is the subconscious?

Now it’s important to note that this book does talk about a Higher Power (God).  However (I hope I did not lose anyone yet), Marianne emphasizes that, “you’re simply asked to consider the possibility that a Higher Power can do for you what you’ve not been able to do for yourself.”  You do not have to necessarily believe in God to actively participate in the lessons, which I found refreshing.

Author Marianne Williamson

Marianne also stresses “the divine perfection of your true self.”  She states, “The goal of this course is to remind your body of its perfection by reminding your mind of its perfection. By resetting one, you reset the other.”  So, by working on your mind (i.e., your thinking) your body will reset to your perfect weight.  Now I won’t lie when I read this, I was like wait is she serious (INSERT WOOZY FACE EMOJI).  But then it got me thinking.  When I was younger, up until the age of about 7 or 8 I did not struggle with my weight at all.  In fact, I was pretty thin; I did not overeat and although, as with any kid, I would snack on certain foods I was not going crazy on donuts and cookies like I do now.  What changed you ask?  Well due to certain traumatic experiences in my life (more of this later) I think I started to devalue myself and as a kid, and now as an adult, I found comfort in food.  After these traumatic experiences I overate and I gained weight and unfortunately, I have not stopped gaining weight.  I often think about the fact that I started off life at a healthy weight (NOTE: I also do not come from a family of people who are overweight) but something changed in my thinking and so far, no diet or exercise has been able to help me change my thinking.  So why not give this book a chance?  It’s time for me, and maybe for you, to really look at the cause of our overeating and subsequent excessive weight.  By uncovering and dealing with the root cause of my overeating maybe I can finally break free and go back to my PERFECT SELF.

Circa 90s…healthy mind & body
My older sister (RIGHT) & me (LEFT). In my early years I did NOT struggle with my weight.

Fast forward to 2020, today, I never finished the book (haha)…full disclosure I never even completed Lesson 1.  That said I decided to pick up the book again, and this time I will document my journey through the 21 lessons.  I will share as much as I can about my experience completing these lessons.  I hope you find this journey inspiring or at least helpful.

If you just picked up A Course in Weight Loss yourself or if you completed the book already, I would love to hear your thoughts and reactions!  As always we are in this journey through life together and FRIENDS are important companions.

Today’s Affirmation: “I believe in my ability to love and accept myself for who I am.”

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