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1UP Nutrition Transformation Challenge

1UP Nutrition Transformation Challenge

In the spirit of trying new things during my fitness journey I have decided to register for the “1UP Nutrition 2020 Spring 8-week Transformation Challenge.”  In the spirit of being my authentic self I joined last minute of course.  The challenge officially begins tomorrow, Monday, May 4th 2020; I registered yesterday May 2nd.  But better late than never…RIGHT? 

1UP Nutrition Transformation Challenge Overview

So, what is the 1UP Nutrition Transformation Challenge you ask?  Well as the name implies it’s a challenge, a fitness challenge to be exact.  Thousands of participants have registered for the challenge in the hopes of transforming their bodies and most importantly their minds in 8 weeks.  The people with the “best” transformations win the challenge and some pretty cool prizes. 

But before we talk about the prizes let’s talk about the support the 1UP Nutrition team provides to participants during their fitness journeys.  During this challenge participants have access to…  

  1. FREE personalized meal plan
  2. FREE 8 Week weight training program
  3. FREE access to 300+ exercise video library, education content and 250+ recipes
  4. FREE access to a private Facebook group for motivation and support  

It seems as though 1UP Nutrition really tries to ensure participants maximum their results and have the most rewarding experience possible during their transformations. 

BUT WAIT THERE’S MORE…let’s talk about the prizes.  To really get the competition going and to incentivize you to try your best there are cash prizes.  1UP Nutrition plans to give out $50,000 in cash prizes to 10 winners.

  • Two 1st Place Winners with each receive $10,000
  • Two 2nd Place Winners with each receive $6,000
  • Two 3rd Place Winners with each receive $4,000
  • Two 4th Place Winners with each receive $3,000
  • Two 5th Place Winners with each receive $2,000

1st place winners will also be treated like athletic royalty.  They will receive a one-year Brand Ambassador contract with 1UP Nutrition that includes monthly supplements for a year and an assigned promo code and 10% commission payout on all sales.  That is pretty cool if I must say so myself, and apparently, I must because I just did.

If you want more information about the challenge visit the 1UP Nutrition website HERE:

And If you didn’t make this challenge need not fear as 1UP Nutrition seems to hold these challenges regularly.

PLEASE NOTE: “In order to be a 1UP Transformation Challenge Winner you would have to be using 1UP Nutrition products during the challenge.”  Anyone can enter but to win you MUST use their products!


I am starting this transformation weighing in at 184 lb (at my heaviest, which was the Summer of 2019, I weighed in at 211 lb).  This is my first 1UP Nutrition Challenge so I can’t say I know what to expect but here is my game plan…

Meal Plan:  I have ALWAYS struggled with following a healthy meal plan.  I just love all the wrong things (pizza, cookies, hamburgers, cakes, Oh My!).  That said, having lost almost 30 pounds, I have already made some significant changes to my eating habits.  Although I still partake in the occasional Ginger Ale, I cut out most sodas and juices from my day to day life, sticking to water and seltzer water.  I have also pretty much overhauled my meal choices.  I no longer indulge in waffles for breakfast or fried chicken with macaroni and cheese for dinner like I used to (I am not saying I don’t eat these items I just don’t eat them everyday…it’s all about balance, right?).  I now opt for much healthier choices when planning out my meals.  Living in New York we are still very much in quarantine mode.  I don’t plan on going to the grocery store anytime soon so the food I have is the food I have.  I am well stocked in the protein and starch department…BUT the vegetables might pose a significant threat to my overall success during this challenge.  I do have some canned and frozen vegetables and lettuce.  My plan is to stretch the food I have for at least two weeks and then put in an Instacart order for some fresh vegetables; fingers crossed I can ahold of some fresh produce.  I will keep you all posted on what I order!  

Workout Plan: As stated we are still in quarantine mode in New York so the gyms are not open here so my workouts will have to be done in the comforts of my humble abode (aka my house).  The provided 1UP Nutrition workout plan indicates that I should do HIIT Cardio first thing in the morning fasted (on an empty stomach) or immediately post-workout.  I have been doing intermittent fasting for a few months and since being home in quarantine I’ve been able to work out in the mornings fasted.  So that part of the workout plan should be relatively easy to adapt into my fitness routine.  Although 1UP Nutrition does provide participants with a suggested HIIT sequence I have been doing the workouts from Mr and Mrs Muscle over on YouTube and I have really enjoyed their workouts; so I will continue using their HIIT Cardio Workouts for now (My go-to HITT cardio workout is posted below).    


I unfortunately don’t own any dumbbells and the provided workout plan seems to rely on them A LOT.  I do own a rather old Everlast resistance band…so I dusted that off and I am hoping I can modify the plan at least somewhat to accommodate what I have.  I found a few pretty cool resistance band workouts on YouTube (resistance band workout videos below). 

Tone It Up | The BEST Band Workout!
Full Body Resistance Band Workout | Total body Resistance Band Workout

Supplement Plan:  I placed my first order with 1UP Nutrition April 18th (before even hearing about the challenge).  I kept my first order pretty light purchasing the Her BCAA/EAA, Glutamine & Collagen (Candy Watermelon), 1UP Pre Women (Candy Watermelon), 1UP WHEY Protein (Cinnamon French Toast), Tri-Carb, and L-Carnitine 3000 (Watermelon Candy).  I have not started using the products yet, but I am going to start using them tomorrow, for the first day of the challenge.  I will create another post documenting my experience using the products.  Although, according to the reviews these are A1 products so I am sure I will love them.

LET’S GO!!!!

Although it would be amazing to win this challenge and claim all those riches, I joined the challenge for the camaraderie.  It will be nice to meet people who are also on a fitness journey like myself.  If you are doing the 1UP Nutrition Transformation Challenge and/or you have completed the challenge before I would love to connect with you! Follow me on Instagram, Facebook, and/or Twitter.  I will be sure to follow back! Good Luck to all participants!    

Today’s Affirmation: “I am getting stronger and healthier everyday”

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